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The competition section is open only for TAMIL Films.The films are selected, not necessarily because of their commercial success,but more because of their integrity and the intelligence in their content.

To be the first among such equals is not going to be easy, so we entrust this
difficult job to three of the finest cinema masterminds available in our midst.Not
only have they been active participants in the film industry across the past several decades but their passions and concerns for good cinema is still undiluted and undiminished. This special jury will judge and award the

1. Best Feature Film - Producer, Director
2. Second Best Feture Film - Producer, Director
3. Special Jury Award For Individual Excellence

4. Amitabh Bachchan award for the “Youth Icon of the Year”

Amitabh Bachan Award for the "Youth Icon of the Year" is instituted from 2013 onward and will be conferred as per a committee's decision.

5. Film Buff Award

A special award for the passionate film buff. This is a web based award given to the person who watches the maximum number of films at 11th CIFF 2013 and gives his own personalized account of the films watched, not exceeding 100 words.

Post this on the website daily. Writing a few lines after every film you watch, guarantees a good chance of winning this award, which is a Collector’s DVD Package of a Director’s work. Receive this award along with the competition section winners during the grand closing ceremony.

Film Buff Award

A special award for the passionate
film buff.

The CIFF Trophy was designed in a contest among upcoming artists in the prestigious Govt. College of Fine Arts- Chennai, which has been a major influence in chiselling the Madras Art Movement. From among the fifty four entries submitted, a selection panel of artists,ICAF & CIFF advisory committee members selected the winning design sculpted by J Mohamed Nasar, a 3rd year student. The awards sponsored by Real Image Technologies was then cast in Bronze from its clay model. CIFF connects arts & artists of Chennai as it evolves.